Month: August 2018

Read the Article Here: Burst of Insight—Two Projects to Improve Your Game

Great episode(Episode 116) of the Order 66 podcast about running “bad guy” campaigns! The show also features a great ad and some discussion about Adventure Writing Academy with guest host Chris Hunt! Listen to Order 66 Here

And our co-founder, Keith Ryan Kappel, just had another project announced, Rise of the Separatists: A Clone Wars Era Book for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG. His contributions are previewed under the “Heroes on Both Sides” heading! Read More

Science Fiction And Fantasy Book Sales Have Doubled Since 2010 “Combined print and digital book sales in the genres of science fiction and fantasy have doubled since 2010, according to data from the publishing industry analysis blog Author Earnings. Read more…

John Silence A complete rpg plus a shared-universe story/poetry anthology about psychic people of color saving the Earth from invisible monsters

Chris Hunt, D20 Radio Blog regular and upcoming guest student for Adventure Writing Academy this year, just got published again! His latest release is details of the Outside Inn, a location within Raging Swan Press’ city of Languard system agnostic Read more…