2019 Courses

Beginners: Intro To Creative Writing I

Students develop basic writing skills, including a focus on developing voice. Major forms are explored, as well as focus areas on use of Point of View, character, place, and action. These major skills are explored through in-class writings and readings, as well as homework assignments that vacillate between fiction and RPG assignments. Readings are generally genre selections, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, RPG text, and more.

  • Develop your core Creative Writing Skills
  • Learn from industry writing professionals, including Star Wars Tabletop writer Jay Little

Upcoming Classes:

Classes require a minimum of 5 students to run, and take a maximum of 8 students. Starting dates are set when we achieve 5 confirmed pre-registrations.

  • Group A: “Elves” (Fridays, 7 PM to 11 PM EST) – Start Date: January 2019
    No open seats available.
  • Group B: “Dwarves” (Saturdays, 3 PM to 7 PM EST) – Start Date: October 12, 2019
    Less than 2 seats available! Enroll Now
  • Group C: “Halflings” (Fridays, 7 PM to 11 PM EST) – Start Date: TBD
    Less than 7 seats available! Enroll Now
  • Group D: “Wizards” (Saturdays, 3 PM to 7 PM EST) – Start Date: TBD
    Less than 7 seats available! Enroll Now

Intermediate: RPG Writing I

Students explore the breadth of forms specific to RPG writing, which includes writing character profiles, rules, system and core mechanics, settings, GM advice, and more. The class also explores ten of the most popular core rulesets in use today, with a special eye toward open gaming license systems and those employing the bulk of freelancers in the industry. Readings include a variety of RPG texts, as well as some genre source material for licensed games.

This course requires that students complete Intro to Creative Writing I before enrolling.

Upcoming Classes:

  • Group A – Start Date: TBD
    Less than 6 seats available! Enroll Now


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