RPG Writing I (Saturdays, One-Time Fee)

Students explore the breadth of forms specific to RPG writing, which includes writing character profiles, rules, system and core mechanics, settings, GM advice, and more. The class also explores ten of the most popular core rulesets in use today, with a special eye toward open gaming license systems and those employing the bulk of freelancers in the industry. Readings include a variety of RPG texts, as well as some genre source material for licensed games.

Dates: TBD

Guest Lecturer

Jay Little (Guest Lecturer) is an award-winning game designer with 20 years in the industry who also teaches game design at University of Wisconsin. He is perhaps best known for designing the X-Wing Miniatures Game and the Star Wars Narrative Dice System. Jay has been a Guest of Honor at DragonCon and GenCon, and will teach our 11th session, the Tabletop Role Playing Game Design and Theory Seminar. You can learn more about Jay Little on his website at www.paintedthumb.com.

Tuition Cost: One-time payment of $1099

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